Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome often go together. Because of the frequent overlap and some similar symptoms, they’re often mistaken for the same condition and, as a result, people with both are sometimes only diagnosed with and treated for one. That’s a real problem, for three major reasons: they require differentRead More →

Fibromyalgia is a disease that has many symptoms and some of them can be confusing for people. So in case you were thinking that it only affects the energy levels of the body and that the only problem is muscle and tissue pain, you were wrong. This kind of diseaseRead More →

I recently wrote a well-received post about five mistakes that people with depression make, so I decided to write a version about anxiety. Here are some well-intentioned ways that people respond to or think about their anxiety, which actually cause unnecessary suffering, or get in the way of doing more fulfilling and enjoyableRead More →

 started a Facebook group for women who are struggling with anxiety and one thing that’s hard for everyone is getting your partner/loved ones to understand what you are experiencing. Everyone with anxiety has had at least one disappointing conversation when it’s clear the other person thinks you can “just stop worrying about it.” IRead More →