By Charlie Tetiyevsky, There are few treatments available for people with severe diabetic nerve pain. Roughly 60 to 70 percent of diabetic patients—that’s more than 17 million Americans—suffer from nerve damage. This can result in chronic pain across the body, even leading to agonizing sensitivity to the slightest touch. Even though the opioid prescribed for diabeticRead More →

New Study Shows Painkillers Increase Obesity Risk up to 95% You don’t need me to tell you that we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Each year, the figures get worse. And the pain of it is, our diets aren’t the only cause for the problem. Many of those with computer-focusedRead More →

By Dana Bradberry, People with chronic illnesses go through a lot on a daily basis. From the horrid array of physical symptoms to the dreaded psychological torture, we are warriors constantly battling an invisible war within our very own bodies. Some days the pain, both physical and psychological, is somewhat bearableRead More →

By Jessica Martin, Lidocaine infusions were shown to provide long-lasting and adequate analgesia in 41% of patients with chronic pain, and to be associated with mild side effects in a study recently published in Pain Medicine.1   Researchers retrospectively reviewed the charts of 233 adult patients (average age, 51; 54% women) with chronicRead More →